Our Family

We have over twenty pets in our family. We would be lost without Odin, Majik, Yuma Rose, or Cuja and Uba, two of our cats. We seem to take in the strays, or hurt animals, always hoping for forever homes, or if wild, to be able to set them free.

Traveling with pets brings a different awarness to the situation. Water, shelter, climate and environment. We thought about the various needs and different circumstances we found ourselves in and decided that Pet-Trekkrs could help ease the burden of choice.

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We are committed to using only the highest quality products for our online store. We truly believe that our pet’s health and well-being are a top priority. What better way to feel 1000% secure than to provide the best collars, leashes and other accessories for them.

Family & Social Responsibility

For years, we have rescued dogs, birds, and other “pets.” Our mother used to take in birds that had been injured including red-tailed hawks, and baby owls. One time she rescued a horn-bill. She had a special permit allowing her to rescue endangered species too. We learned from her and bring our experiences to you.

By understanding our pet’s needs and being there for them, we strengthen the fabric of our families well-being.